Mal Walton Junior Varsity Baseball Tournament

Tournament Dedicated to Coach Mal Walton
This Junior Varsity Baseball Tournament is dedicated to Mal Walton in recognition of all the time he has put towards promoting baseball in Whatcom County. Mal Walton was originally from Oklahoma City, OK.  He played professionally in the Pittsburgh Pirates organization before coming to Whatcom County.  After coming to Bellingham, he played and starred for the Bellingham Bells semi-pro team for several years and was on the last baseball team that made it to the National Tournament in Wichita, Kansas. He then began his teaching career at Bellingham High School and coached for many years.  He won many Western Conference titles there. He is the former manager of the Bellingham American Legion and Bellingham Bells programs.  In 1981 Walton guided the American Legion Post #7 Baseball Team to three tournament championships and 2nd place at the State Tourney.  Finishing the year with an overall record of 63-11-1, his team led the nation in most wins by an American Legion Baseball Team. In 1982, he led his team to two tournament championships and a fifth place finish at the American Legion State Tourney, capping off the season with an overall record of 52 wins and 15 losses. Walton coached the Bellingham Bells from 1983-84. From 1990-1993 Coach Walton coached the Mt. Baker High School Baseball team and took his teams to State Regional play. From 1978 to the 2014, Walton was the Chairman of the Northwest All-Star Game. In 1991 Mal Walton was inducted into the Washington State Baseball Hall of Fame. Walton served as the President of the Whatcom County Pony Baseball League for 5 years.
***(Picture from above) Ceremonies mark the opening day game between the Bellingham Bells and the Seattle Elks in May 1949. The stadium at Battersby Field, located near Whatcom Middle School, has since been torn down. WHATCOM MUSEUM OF HISTORY & ART  
The following trophies are presented at the tournament:
1st place Team Trophy
Perpetual 1st place Trophy & Plaque
2nd place Team Trophy
3rd place Team Trophy
4th place Team Trophy
Individual participant ribbons
Eight Team MVP Trophies (chosen by the coaches on overall 3 games) Tournament MVP
1981    Sehome
1982    Sehome
1983    Sehome
1984    Oak Harbor
1985    Ferndale
1986    Ferndale
1987    Sehome
1988    Bellingham
1989    Burlington-Edison
1990    Lynden
1991    Burlington-Edison
1992    Burlington-Edison
1993    Sehome
1994    Sehome 
1995    Stanwood
1996    Burlington-Edison
1997    Stanwood
1998    Sehome
1999    Burlington-Edison
2000    Stanwood
2001    Stanwood         
2002    Stanwood
2003    Ferndale
2004    Lynden
2005    Sehome
2006    Sehome
2007    Burlington-Edison
2008    Sehome HS
2009    Sedro Woolley
2010    Ferndale
2011    Ferndale
2012    Sedro Woolley
2013    Burlington-Edison
2014    Burlington-Edison
2015    Lynden
2016    Sedro Woolley
2017   Burlington-Edison
2018   Burlington-Edison
1981    David Lynch, OF/P, Sehome, U of New Orleans, Texas Rangers, LA Dodgers, Cin Reds, Cleveland Indians
1982    David Beardsley, OF, Sehome High School
1983    Chad Evans, 2B, Sehome High School
1984    Shane St. John, C-OF, Oak Harbor High School
1985    Chris Bennett, SS, Ferndale High School
1986    Leonal Alaniz, C, Ferndale High School
1987    Joe Dawson, P-OF-C, Sehome High School
1988    Ryan Blair, P-SS, Bellingham High School, Walla Walla CC, Portland State University
1989    Jared Verrral, OF-DH, Burlington-Edison High School
1990    Corey Feenstra, P-OF, Lynden High School
1991    Jeremy Brester, P-3B, Burlington-Edison High School
1992    Jason Brester, P-1B, Burlington-Edison High School-San Fransico Giants, Seattle Mariners
1993    Simon Dubiel, SS, Sehome High School, Central Washington University
1994    Keith Koskela, P, Sehome High School, Grand Junction College, Central Washington University
1995    Stanwood H.S.
1996    Rob Mainard, P/INF, Burlington-Edison High School
1997    Stanwood H.S.
1998    Zapper McGrath, OF, Sehome High School, Washington State University
1999    Brian Miller, C, Burlington-Edison High School
2000    Loren Brokaw, SS, Stanwood High School
2001    Blake Wickstrom, IF/P, Stanwood High School
2002    Tylor Hawley, C, Stanwood High School
2003    Nick Suter, P, Ferndale
2004    Taylor Martin, P/OF, Lynden High School
2005    Dane Thompson, P/OF, Sehome High School
2006    Connor Long, P/OF , Sehome High School
2007    Cole Whited, P/OF , Burlington-Edison High School
2008    Ben Wilson P/3B, Sehome High School
2009    Clayton Johnson OF Sedro Woolley
2010    Cory Clark OF Ferndale
2011    Richmond Baardson    Ferndale
2012    Mason Swenson P/3B   Sedro Woolley
2013    Christian Lopez  C  Burlington-Edison
2014    Sean Ferdig  P/3B  Burlington-Edison
2015    Dallas VanDiest  3B  Lynden 
2016   Chance Whipple  P/C  Sedro Woolley
2017   Eli Fautheree  P/C   Burlington-Edison
2018   Nolan White  P/Inf   Burlington
1. Each game will consist of six innings. Extra innings will be allowed. In case of rain, four innings shall be a complete ball game.
2. A. No inning will start over 1 hour and 45 minutes. Umpires will be timing. * Exception with the championship game will be a full game with no time limit.
    B. Players that have participated in five or more varsity games (including practice games) are ineligible.
3. The home team will be determined by a coin-toss. Lynden will always occupy 3B dugout on "Game Field."
4. Pitchers are allowed seven innings total in the two day tournament and cannot make more than three appearances. Extra innings will not count on the pitcher's seven innings for the tournament, but will count as an appearance. Pitch Count rules apply.
5. A ten run rule will be in effect after the 4th inning.
6. The DH rule can be used for anyone on the field.
7. 9th and 10th graders only.
8. Infield and outfield routine will be allowed one time per day for each team
This tournament is put on by the Lynden High School baseball program. If you have any questions about this tournament please contact us at