To: 2020-2021 Parents & Players of Lynden Baseball

From: Coach White

I know there is much uncertainty right now with Covid determining so much of what we can and cannot do. We are hoping to get back to practicing real soon, but in order to do that two things need to happen. #1 we need to have warmer/drier days. #2 we need to get clearance to get back inside the CMFH. Until those things happen we are going to push the pause button on baseball practice for now. In the meantime one thing we can be doing right now is hold our annual Lynden Baseball “FALL CLASSIC” Orange and Grapefruit sale. This is a vital fundraiser that allows us to separate our program from the others. Many of the items your son is provided have been purchased from this fundraiser. Here are just a few of the items that have been purchased from the “FALL CLASSIC!” over the years. These items include but not limited to . . .

Big Bubba portable hitting backstop $5000 9 dozen TCB weighted baseballs $900 3 - 5’ x 8’ padded wheeled “L” screens $1500 Ping Pong table $400 20 practice flat gloves $1,100 3 wheeled Hack Attack pitching machine $3,300 Concrete for our 3 tiered seating on our grandstand $11,000 John Deere 3 wheeled sand-trap rake $3,500 (used) Turf for our practice area behind the 3B dugout $2,500 Batting helmets for all players in our program $1,200 (constantly being replaced) thousands of baseball used inside the CMFH and outside $ priceless

For over 20 years the Lynden Baseball program has been doing our annual “Fall Classic” Orange and Grapefruit sale which helps our program raise additional funds that allow us to purchase the above listed items that we would not be able to with our limited ASB budget. This year is no different. Money raised from this year’s sale will go toward the purchase of the following items . . . . .

· 3 new “L” screens for batting practice. 2 will be used inside the CMFH, and 1 will be used on our game field. ($500 each for a total of $1500).

· 65” flat screen TV for the CMFH for analyzing individual hitting, pitching, and defensive work. Currently around $500 on sale at Costco.

· 10 dozen all-weather baseballs. Approximately $65 a dozen. ($650)

· 2 new sets of Catcher Gear. New safety requirements from the NFHS require NOCSAE certification on all catchers gear. $275 a set. ($550)

In order for us to purchase these items we need to raise the funds to allow us to do so. This has been an extremely successful fundraiser for the past 20 years. Many of our sales are repeat customers who purchase fruit each year. The cost for the 20 lb. box for oranges or grapefruits is $25 ($1.25 a lb.) We accept orders for full boxes of oranges, grapefruit, or full boxes of 1/2 oranges & 1/2 grapefruit.

An order sheet is attached to this letter. Oranges/Grapefruits will be picked fresh from the trees the first week of December and delivered to Lynden the second week of December. We have set a goal of selling 320 boxes (9-12). We will profit approximately $10 per box which will allow us to purchase the listed items.

If all 37 players who have been out practicing during our “FALL BALL” season each sell 9 boxes of fruit, we will obtain our goal. We profit approximately $10 per box sold. We will begin our sale immediately and all orange and grapefruit orders (the number of boxes sold) must be given to your grade’s PARENT COACH on Sunday, November 29th. I must “officially” submit the Lynden Baseball fruit order on Monday morning, November 30th. This is a quick fundraiser that we don’t like to have drag on. We have 7 days to sell. If you can sell a little more than “ONE BOX A DAY” we will meet our goal. The fruit will be delivered to the Curt Maberry Farm, and you will need to pick up your order at a time TBD. We will communicate the date to you through “FINALFORMS”. You & your son will be responsible for delivering your orders and collecting money. You can collect money from the customer when they order or once the fruit is delivered. Thanks for your help and support of Lynden Baseball. We would not be able to run a quality program without your help.


SENIORS - Shannon White   360-778-9224

JUNIORS - Dave Ohligschlager      360-815-1768

SOPHOMORES - Nikki Hermanutz   360-224-7728

FRESHMEN - Kelli Baar  360-927-7848


This is a firm deadline and can't be extended.

Here is what is available

A 20 lb. box of oranges is $25

A 20 lb. box of grapefruit is $25

A 20 lb. box of oranges & grapefruit is $25


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