"Everyday is a chance to get better."

FRI. NOV. 20TH, 2020

There will be no baseball practice tomorrow since at this time we are not allowed to use the Curt Maberry Field House due to indoor practices being restricted. There is a 50% chance of rain tomorrow and it is going to be 46 degrees and wet. We are asking the administration to allow us to use the CMFH even in small group settings. I will keep you posted on this. I will continue to update you on www.LYNDENBASEBALL.com and by sending emails to you through FINALFORMS.

-Coach White


REMINDER: Please wear your 2020 practice gear. You may either wear your black or green shirt, and your sweatshirt or hitting jacket. You should also be wearing your black baseball hat. For those new to the program, wear what Lynden gear you have, and if possible wear a black or green shirt and a black Lynden hat, or whatever color Lynden hat you have. 

REMINDER: Once you arrive on campus and get out of your vehicle, your mask needs to be on until you reach the CMFH. Once you have your temperature taken by a coach and have answered all the questions, then you may take your mask off. You will then place your bag by the large garage door and get your spikes on. At the conclusion of practice, you must put your mask back on and once inside your vehicle, you may take your mask off.