Summer baseball philosophy: Today the student athlete is pulled in so many directions. I can respect that the summer time is for the student to refuel themselves for the upcoming school year and also to use the time to further develop their athletic skills in any particular sport(s) they choose to pursue. I also respect these same student athletes who hold jobs to help to pay for gas, purchase 3 different pairs of shoes for 3 different sports, student year books, proms, tolos, and junk food. They also still need social time to be with their friends hanging out, going to movies, or skiing at the lake. That is a lot to do in a short amount of time. The main thing that needs to occur during the summer baseball season is communication between the coaching staff and the player and his family. As stated earlier, we understand the different directions the student athlete is being pulled. With a roster of around 15, it only takes a few boys having to be at work, attend a basketball tournament, or going with the family on vacation that creates a shortage of players.